Monitor & Update on IPR applications in India: Filing, Opposition & Expiry

Numerous IP registration applications are filed daily in the Trademark and Copyright Registry. Keeping an eagle's eye watch on the IP applications filed in the Registry secures the timely opposition to the grant of Trademark and Copyright Certificates to bogus owners/ counterfeiters. This in-turn reduces the litigation process at the most initial stage and prevents the subsequent legal hassles involved at a later stage of the process.

Apart from this, timely check of the expiry date of the IP Certificate also secures the delay that occurs during the stage of enforcement. Many of the investigations fail to take the shape of successful enforcement action or otherwise prevented from being conducted due to the invalidity and expiry of the IP certificates. And even otherwise, the police officials also consider these Certificates as the fundamental requirement before taking cognizance of the complaint.

Through our expert IP Registry contact, we regularly monitor on a minute to minute basis all IPR application filings across India and also provide legal support to oppose bogus applications and also keep a check on expiry date of the IP certificate.