Legal Assistance: Pre-enforcement

Conducting enforcement actions without satisfying the various legal requisites might turn the entire lawful act into a pit-hole engulfing several counter illegal allegations. These allegations might turn the lawful process into a socio-political drama and drag the lawful owner to routine court visits. Further, looking into the present scenario wherein the police authorities lack minimum of understanding pertaining to their role and involvement in the IPR infringement actions, the role of legal assistance before conducting any such action or taking any ancillary step becomes vitally crucial.

During the period, while the agency plans its enforcement, coordination with police authorities in the presence of experienced advocates in the criminal practise multiply with the speed and successful completion of the enforcement action while reducing the costs involved therein.

Considering the several benefits, we provide legal assistance at every step of the enforcement action including the pre-enforcement so as to conduct a flawless action and secure the least involvement of the IPR owners in the hassles occurring during the entire episode. Be it a routine visit to the police station or filing of criminal complaints to conduct the enforcement actions, presence of an advocate during the process makes the entire process very smooth and fast.