Enforcement Action of IP Violations

Assets of Intellectual Property (IP) are the lifeblood of any commercial or other business, and therefore, complete safety to these are pre-requisite, for peaceful survival and smooth running of any profitable business, small or large. The intellectual property signifies a variety of intangible assets, which are original, unique, and highly profitable creations of the human mind, for personal or commercial uses. Such property includes all types of literary, artistic, or musical works; discoveries, innovations, or inventions; and, ways and words of expressions, certain symbols, names, phrases, designs, images, figures, or graphics. According to the Intellectual Property Law, a set of proper and exclusive rights is granted to the owners of these properties, for full safety and the best productive and profitable use of these by the owners as per their likes. Today, the most prominent intellectual property rights relate to the Copyrights, Patents, Trademarks, Industrial Design Rights, Trade Secrets, and so on.

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