Commercial Investigation

Companies facing whistleblower allegations, government inquiries or other allegations regarding possible improprieties must quickly conduct a thorough fact-finding investigation. To assess allegations enormous amounts of complex information must be distilled into a readily understandable form. Early action is crucial so that wrongdoing can be addressed, good ethics can be demonstrated and steps can be taken to protect shareholder value.

Our Corporate Investigations practice is composed of professionals with the financial acumen, forensic accounting and investigatory skills, and technological know-how to conduct corporate investigations spanning many levels of complexity and breadth. We serve multinational entities, large national enterprises and fast-growing businesses, both public and private sector, across numerous industry lines. Our clients draw on our skills, both to help conduct independent internal investigations as well as to help counsel to defend companies or individuals that are the subject of corporate investigations.

We conduct:

  • Business Background Investigation
  • Competitive Intelligence Investigation
  • Corporate & Business Intelligence
  • Corporate Intelligence & Analysis
  • Asset Tracing & Recovery
  • Asset Misappropriation Investigations