Assisting in Criminal & Civil Litigation: Post Enforcement

Enforcement action is in process, the spot is full of counterfeit, suddenly the police shows lack of interest ... spoils the months of rigorous investigation and throws mud over the toil. Such situations can be made water-proof by the involvement of legal guidance during such obvious tricky situations.

Our litigation support provides an entire range of legal remedy available in criminal and civil cases at all stages of conduction of enforcement and even after that.

The reference to Criminal Courts in IPR violation matters are currently in vogue due the speedy remedy such courts provide. The criminal arena inter alia comprises the following support:

  • Filing of criminal complaint before concerned criminal courts seeking an order Under Section 156 (3) of Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973.
  • Leading evidences to issue summons and notices
  • Filing applications opposing bail of the accused
  • Participation in the court proceedings during the trial of the case
  • Arguing the matter and securing the conviction of the accused
  • Filing Appeal against acquittal order, etc.

The civil part of remedy though not in much vogue within the enforcement industry, yet resuming to the civil litigation would provide a very good deal of financial remedy by way of damages and profits over accounts without visiting the boundaries of various police stations. Further, obtaining a permanent injunction order against the counterfeiter can completely doom his future involvement in any such illegal activity. The litigation support in the civil arena inter alia consists the following:

  • Filing of Suits for damages & rendition of accounts
  • Obtaining injunction orders both Permanent and Interim
  • Orders for appointment of Local Commissioner
  • Order for inspection of premises
  • Filing all the necessary applications and arguing the matter
  • Assisting in the execution proceedings