About Us

Anti Counterfeiting Force Pvt. Ltd., based in New Delhi, India is one of the leading companies providing a wide range of investigative and consulting services. We have a team of experienced and discreet analysts, investigators and specialists on PAN India level with well established capabilities. We advise corporate entities in all sectors, including leading firms through to small business. The broad sphere in which we operate has enabled us to create specialist services in which businesses will be able to easily identify their specific requirements.

Having invested heavily in resources, technology and personnel we ensure our clients the confidence of instructing a dynamic, forward thinking firm who employ experienced personnel, adhere to legislation and own state of the art intelligence gathering systems. We realise our business is based on results hence the reason why we constantly strive to enhance all areas of our working practises and business solutions for clients. We consider integrity, transparency and quality to be paramount to our success.

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act: ACF team do not, directly or indirectly, make any payment, offer or promise to make any payment or transfer of anything of value to a governmental official or employee, or to any political party or any candidate for political office, with the purpose of influencing decisions favorable to the Company and its business in contravention of The United States Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and/or the Prevention of Corruption Act 1988.

Anti Counterfeiting Force Pvt. Ltd. follows the strict business code of ethics including the policies of Employment of Young Persons and hiring of routine staff with strong background checks covering criminal check, reference check, pre employment check and many more before bringing to Anti Counterfeiting Force Pvt. Ltd. panel.

Managing Director, ACF

Gurvinder Singh has been operating with Anti Counterfeiting Force Pvt. Ltd. since August 2012 as a Managing Director of the company and has in-depth work experience in the field of Investigations and Intellectual Property Rights. Gurvinder's work profile includes various critical & sensitive vigilance assignments, investigative operations and brand protection related activities. Before to ACF he served as a Country Head in one of the leading Multi National Company.

During his tenure, he has created and implemented detailed procedure's and processes for conducting various brand protection tasks in order to deal with the current and ongoing security scenario in the country. His recentstint includes proactive planning to identify & adopt emerging trends in anti-counterfeiting solutions and combative strategies.

He has an overall experience of around 16 years in the industry and is resourceful in providing anti-counterfeit solutions and strategizing for "Brand Protection" ideas to clients facing a problem in the national and international market.

In addition to the above mentioned work he has overseen the activity of numerous successful enforcement actions for leading brands across India. Based on his work profile he has traveled nationally and internationally and has represented his candidature in various anti-counterfeit forums like INTA, Global Congress on Combating Counterfeiting & Piracy and BASCAP (an ICC initiative) and actively participated in conferences and meetings organized by the Brand Protection Committee (BPC) of CII and FICCI.

Mr. Singh also holds a MBA degree from Victoria University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia, which has equipped him with adequate knowledge to plan, develop and implement various strategic brand protection and investigation practices. Further he also has a good knowledge about the legal scenario - Trade Mark Act & Copy Right Act and other related issues in the country

Mr. Singh is proficient in English, Hindi and Punjabi and is also well versed with other regional languages spoken in the country. His knowledge of the local culture, market situation and language makes him ideally suited candidate in the country for IPR.

Being a part of the brand protection and investigation industry, Gurvinder Singh is actively involved in various physical strenuous activities so as to keep him fit and ready for all kinds of on-field activities.